Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raptor Blew My Mind.

Last night's open mic at Woodman's brought the bar up a notch for Raptor, the new band on the scene in Orono. The band is Pete (guitar/vocals) and Josh (bass/vocals) from Restless Groove and Ben (drum/vocals) and Geof(keyboard/etc) from Suit Mullet. They also featured a new character, Jim (guitar), a music major from Umaine who was pretty insane. Raptor is a blend of so many incredible sounds and talents and I have a feeling they are going to be a favorite on the scene this fall. They have an electronic side, something I tend to shy away from, but combined with hip hop and mainstream references (almost a Bloodhoug Gang sound at one point) and laced all through with nasty, nasty instrumentals. It is incredibly danceable, incredibly fun, and incredibly addictive. It is not possible to leave a show without craving more. I
guess it just really blows my mind to hear those funky dance rhythms... but mixed with some unbelievable shredding. The vocals are intriguing; very fun and they hook you in, grab your attention, and occasionally had me laughing with sheer enjoyment. The whole sound is so skillfully crafted and conducted.. I can guarantee you havent really heard anything quite like it.