Monday, March 29, 2010

NH Venues!

Alright...So being originally from NH, I've gone around to a fair amount of the local venues/ bars that are open to support local musicians and smaller bands. There are only a couple on here that I haven't been to...basically I hope this helps all those looking to expand and play music elsewhere.


-Blue Mermaid:
409 The Hill
Portsmouth, NH 03801-3736
If you are a local band or musician interested in performing at The Blue Mermaid, please contact John at

-Press Room:
77 Daniel Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801-3810
Musicians interested in performing should contact Bruce Pingree at (603) 431-5186 between 1:30 and 3 on Thursday afternoons.


-Brick House:
2 Orchard Street
Dover, NH 03820-3430
Booking: Chris Serrecchia
Phone: (603) 749-3838

Mail press kits to:
Chris Serrecchia
c/o Dover Brick House
2 Orchard St.
Dover, NH 03820

-Barley Pub:
328 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820-4133

-Kelley’s Row:
421 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820-6419
Contact: Phone: (603) 750-7081
E-Mail: info @

1 Washington Street
Dover, New Hampshire
Contact: 603.617.3633 -


-Penuche’s Ale House: No Website
6 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301-4055
(603) 228-9833

-Green Martini:
6 Pleasant Street Ext
Concord, NH 03301-4943
Contact: 603-223-6672

-Barley House:
132 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
Bands that are interested in performing at The Barley House must contact us by email only - Please include your facebook / myspace link.


909 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Contact: Josh Ames @ 603-235-9682 or email

-Strange Brew:
88 Market Street
Manchester, NH 03101-1911
Contact: 603.666.4292

-Black Brimmer:
1087 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101-1836
Booking Inquiries -

-Penuche’s: No Website
96 Hanover St.
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 626-9830


-The Stone Church:
5 Granite St
Newmarket, NH 03857
Are you a local musician with a unique sound? Is your band looking to gain exposure or continue rising to fame? No matter what your background, we'd love to have you! Just send an e-mail to with your name, phone number, link to your website if you have one, and a summary of your style, and we'll contact you for more details.

I hope this interests at least a few people.

Running Gags at the Dime Friday, March 26, 2010

My first impression of the Running Gags was that there is a definite underlying mainstream ‘90’s influence involved. However, I also noticed that they really ripped it up as a band and individually. What was at first most striking was their high energy and EXCELLENT stage presence. From the guitarist’s rockin’ moves to the bassist’s exuberant slappin’ style they ensure the crowd pays attention and taps into the vibe; they obviously have a blast on stage. Their stage presence is really spot fucking on. The cover of I Am the Walrus was so fun and classic, and then the bassist’s ability to fluently sing Caress Me Down by Sublime (and switch from bass to guitar for this song) while continuing to rock the fuck out was seriously impressive.
As the show progressed, the seemingly ‘90’s sound segued into a really rockin’ sound with unique originals and even distinctly “Running Gag-ified” covers. Composing catchy originals can be difficult, but they do a good job of this, and I think the 90’s influence helps. The band quite literally manipulated the crowd into a frenzy, really had the enjoyment of the audience completely under their control… and they fucking delivered. The saxophonist and drummer were obviously talented and were just really tight with the overall sound and rhythm. The occasional jammed out moments when you could really appreciate the singular talents of each band member were great. Although the guitarist forgot the words to one of their songs, it ended up being a positive moment proving they don’t take themselves too seriously; I appreciate their ability to blatantly admit that they forgot and ended up filling in with an almost jazzy sounding improv. Equally enjoyable were the moments of raw intensity reminiscent of Green Day or other such almost punk-esque sounds. Some other covers included Queens of the Stone Age- No One Knows (Excellent.), Harvey Danger-Flagpole Sitta!, Bloodhound Gang (obviously straight up ridiculous), and even a kickass Alanis Morrisette cover to end the night. The only low moment of the show for me; a Maroon 5 cover… hurt just a little bit.
The most important emphasis is definitely their straight up talent, but even more so their playfulness, rapport, and interaction with the crowd….and possibly their ability to drink numerous mysterious shots that were delivered up to the stage… It really blew me away. Also, the guitarist and bassist often switched instruments on different songs. It was an interesting element that I am pretty curious about, but it really mixes things up and adds to the show overall. I dig that the band is structured, while also having the ability to feed off the flow of the show.

Collaborative review by Kim Morrison and Heather Omand

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hangtime at The Dime 3/25

Hangtime is a rockin’ local band who really brought the ante up at the Dime on Thursday. They are composed of 2 guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer, and also on Thursday a singer graced us with his presence for the first time since I have seen them play. They are probably on the more original, “jam band”-esque side of the music scene that I have heard in the Orono/Old Town area so far, and I dig it… very refreshing. When I first saw Hangtime in February, I thoroughly enjoyed their sound, but it seemed like many songs started in the middle; with only some slight build up and/or come down. (We need that climax!) This was Not the case Thursday night, and I think they have gotten a lot tighter just since I first saw them; really seem to have improved. I enjoy the mix of slight structure with plenty of extended jamming.

The singer was new for me. I have seen Hangtime twice before, but never with vocals. I think the singer had a good, unique style, but my impression was that he didn’t always fit with Hangtime’s sound. He does, however, add a lot to their energy and image.
These dudes play covers very sparingly, having many tunes of their own to rock you. I would say it's more like they just jam on a familiar tune, putting more of themselves into the song than playing someone's song note for note. I like this concept…but I didn’t enjoy hearing Fire on the Mountain altered in such a way…I don't recall hearing even the chorus once...but that song is pretty sacred to me, so my opinion is a bit biased. However, Hangtime ended the show epically with some righteously fantastic licks and beats, including a nasty jam on Too Many Puppies by Primus. As the night got later, the band seemed to dig the energy from the crowd, composing their music in a manner that you could not help but move to. I definitely recommend checking these guys out for yourself. The jams are Tight, like your mom.

Open Mic Nights

I did a little research this week on open mic nights. Paddy Murphy’s in Bangor has an open mic night on Tuesday nights, starting at 9pm. The Dime in Old Town has an open mic on Wednesday evenings, starting as early as 7PM. Woodman’s in Orono also has an open mic on Wednesdays, starting a bit later around 930. If you aren’t digging the bar scene, there is also an open mic at a place called the Dadgad coffee house in Orono. It's located in the Keith Anderson Community House on 19 Bennoch Road. I believe it’s the 4th Saturday of every month, open jam at 6, open mic at 7:30. Three bucks covers coffee, jamming, and some eats. Here’s the website for the Dadgad coffee house:

We are going to try to make it out to a few open mic nights to hopefully give you an idea of what they’re like. I went to an open mic at The Dime once so far, and there were a fair amount of people there. In general, it was a welcoming open-minded environment, with covers and originals and spontaneous jams. If you know of any other open mic nights in the area, please let us know!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Roots come to UMaine

The Roots came to Umaine last Saturday. I think this made many Umaine students feel special…(even more special when Black Thought came out wearing a Umaine sweatshirt…OMG.) As for the scene and the venue, we were in a field house. Due to this being a large, rectangular building, the acoustics were not the best. And the scene was sweaty and belligerent…as well as intoxicated.

The group consists of seven members: MC, drums, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and a sousaphone. On guitar was Captain Kirk Douglas, and he wailed out many tasty licks. There was also an excellent drum/percussion solo, as well as a jazzy/funky and quite impressive bass solo. The Roots are a hip-hop group, but sure as hell know how to get funky and jam.

The energy of this band was phenomenal. Have you ever tried to jump up and down and dance while playing a sousaphone? It’s difficult. The band has a damn good time up on stage and are playful and interactive with the audience. This is something a good crowd will always appreciate. The Roots also made a point to jam on some songs by bands that are the roots of what we listen to today; Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang (I believe everyone was getting’ down on this one), Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses (great for the Maine crowd), as well as Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song (Jack Black is the only other person I’ve heard capable of hitting those high notes like Robert Plant…Props to The Roots!)
I would have to say this band is a must see for hip-hop and funk fans…just make sure it’s at a much cooler venue…or just get really drunk.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Frank & the Red Hots Saint Pattys Day '10 The Dime

A small local band and in familiar setting at everyone's favorite local bar, but the catch was an "Irish" drinking holiday. Folks where good and drunk even at 7:30 and members of Restless Groove warmed everyone up with some fun jamming. "Frank" and Company took the stage later to rowdy crowd playing mostly covers but ones the drunks seemed to enjoy. The band seemed tight and confident and the crowd did not mind the sound issues the downstairs presents. Cheap "green" beer was the beverage of the night and the whole place was well out of control by 11 PM. Overall not my favorite setting but some of the college age regulars always make it worth my time. I'd like to see this band upstairs someday on a normal night to be a better judge of them.

Monday, March 15, 2010

That 1 Guy w/ Restless Groove 3/14/10

Last nights shows were a little bit of pure musical excellence mixed with awesome people and good times. Restless Groove started off the night with an all original set with songs like Trippedonphonix, Mr. Mayor and Slap Your Sole. Last night started early, but they brought the musical energy up as they always will. Everytime I hear Restless I am impressed by their talent and cohesion and I always end up dancing. Some friends who had only seen Restless once before were extremely impressed by their instrumental talent and were also struck by the way they play as a band… there is definitely an undercurrent of solidarity and pure flow in their music. I, for one, am beyond pumped for the new cd, coming soon with the release party in April. It was also clear that Restless Groove, like the rest of us, was very excited for That 1 Guy when they got off the stage.

That 1 Guy is, clearly, like nothing else out there. If you didn’t make it to the show last night, well you must have been on the moon, because there is nothing else quite as other worldly that could have compared. The beats… well the beats will rock your soul right out of your body and I was really impressed he played so hard for the Old Town scene… it just felt so GD good! Songs played included Buttmachine, Weasel Pot Pie, Bananas, Packs a Wallop, Laser Beans, Step Into Striped Light, and I believe Solea and Dig as well. I have never, in my life, experience such an intimate experience with such an individual performer. Because That 1 Guy isn’t just a concert or musical performance; he is banter, energy, incredible music, innovation, and even a master of small magic. The green lasers that come from his giant bows, the incredible card tricks, the electric cowboy boot and saw and even the typical AAWHOOOOO howl are all essential and timeless aspects of the That 1 Guy experience. That shit was BANANAS! That 1 Guy’s music is so malleable and all encompassing… I simply can not express the profundity of the experience. The most impressive thing of all may be how incredibly kind and willing he was to speak with his audience after the show. He signed cards, drumsticks, albums, and even took pictures and shook anyone’s hand who was willing. I think I can honestly say he enjoyed the experience playing in a small town Maine bar because we are all so good at making people feel welcome. Thanks to Restless Groove, That 1 Guy, and especially to the Dime for such an excellent evening. With people from Maine, New Hampshire, and even Missouri gracing the audience I can say last night is one I will never forget. If you missed That 1 Guy last night… don’t make the mistake again… playing at a town near you sometime in the future. That 1 for the new and awesome album.

Written to 5 Second Minute: That 1 Guy, Buckethead, and Boosty Collins

Monday, March 8, 2010

Restless Groove The Sea Dog Bangor 2/19/10

Torn Down, Nebraska, Rendezvous , Day Tripper, Pride & Joy, Jam > Movin' Out, Slap Your Sole, Boll Weevil, Life During Wartime, Birds of a Feather, Aeroplane, Mr.Brownstone, Flight? (the newer original) > The General, Give Me One Reason, Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Coo, What Time is it?, Mario Jam, Okayalright, Panama, Funk City Mayhem

A fun and interesting location for Umaine's best college band to play in the heart of Bangor Maine. The venue conjurers images of a pseudo micro brew now brewed by Shipyard and shipped across the nation. Only in Maine is it okay for men to drink fruit beer and there was plenty of blueberry wheat ale to go around. Downtown Bangor is a decent yet want to be place with plenty of (pretentious) middle age liberals and people coming out of the woods to do something. In the end the crowd was a mix of college kids, parents, locals and cougars. A real question concerning the demographic is do Bangor cougars have enough wealth to be legit? In the end I have to say I don't really want to find out but I like them better than the Woodman cougars...

The show got off to a great start with Tore Down and the sound slowly got dialed in tight by the sound man ;) . The band was playing rather fast early in the set and ripped out some great covers of Day Tripper and Birds of a Feather and this made the Phish and Beatles fans happy. The band pretty much said fuck it to the stage list around the time of Aeroplane and they seemed tighter. The secound half of the show was strong with some cover requests
featuring a hilarious attempt at Van Halen's Panama. A long a tight Funk City Mayhem ended the two hour show with the bar wanting things wrapped up at around 12:30, welcome to Maine.....

For the tape I decided that I could not really run in the crowd and the stage was not really a stage so I tried something radical. I did not want to do a post production stereo mix or do anything fancy on the fly so I did 1 channel with a mic DFC and 1 channel mono board. I'm told this comes from New Jersey but I'm not sure....

Direct Link


Thursday, March 4, 2010



02/18/10That 1 Guy

I did a show the other night in Dallas with "That 1 Guy". The first time I saw him was at the evolve fest in nova scotia. But the show I did with him really slapped me in the face with the realization that this 1 guy is a genius. He plays a one of a kind,

2-string contraption made from 2 thick metal cylinders that are possibly used for industrial or under-ground piping. He has sample triggers all over it and packs the intensity of a full-blown rock show. The music is slightly dark with elements of "zappa"esque vocals. The show is packed with visual art including magic tricks and illusions. I'm tempted to describe in detail but I'd rather you feel the experience and absorb the surprises for yourself. He's currently on a massive 5-month driving tour. Chances are he's playing close by. Go.

-Keller Williams

Close by... is The Dime in Old Town, ME March 14, 2010. Go.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reid Genauer @ The Stone Church 2/28/10 Late

After leaving the venue for ten minutes to listen to part of the first recording in the car we where let back in and the venue kindly let us leave our rigs in place. I got to enjoy a Veggie BLT and Guinness on tap as we got ready for round two. Early in the set it quickly become apparent that "Del Fontaine" and the crowd had a good buzz going and this would fuel the evening. I gave up on the dream of Adam and company coming by Telling Sue and just let the evening take me. I am still convinced they where coming but the roads and power in New Hampshire where sort of a joke.

Just like the first show this really kicked into high gear for the secound half with Love Junkie and Rachel . Stone Choir had a hell of a sing a long and the crowd was yelling out song names left and right. Like the first show this set had lots of great story's from Reid but this time they where a bit more raw and uncensored. The Poland set closer with the "DIGGIES" was amazing and had everyone dancing. When Reid tried to leave the stage after the first encore he kindly gave me his stage list and returned for a 40 Reasons that many of us vetoed all night. Overall this was an amazing show and further proved to me how amazing Reid is. I've said some bad things about cougars recently but I have to say the middle age women at Reid are always great and never really cause any issues. Overall this was an amazing day at the church and I pulled some amazing tapes stage lip.

Ms. Ohio, Fountain, Cold Coffee, Revelry, Long May You Run, Telling Sue, Angry at the Sun, All That I Am Now, Love Junkie, Rachel, Stone Choir, Leadbelly, 45 Degrees, Stouthearted Man, Light Blue Lover, Etta James, Mudspring Draw, Poland
E1: Harrower
E2: 40 Reasons

Stream or Download It!

The Way Live Should Be: a short intro

The Way Live Should Be is the brain child of Kim Morrison, Seth Baker, and Heather Omand; we hope it will become a resource for passionate music lovers everywhere... everywhere, that is, in the Orono area of Maine. It really all began because one band brought three people together; three people passionate about live music. Though one band may have been the catalyst for this project this hopefully begins the saga of a profound meeting of the minds as facillitated by local bands like Restless Groove, Funk Shway, the Hampden Mountain Boys, Hang Time, Suit Mullet and guest bands like Soul Robot and That 1 Guy... we hope you will join us and become part of the profound fusion of awesomeness that has been breaking out on the local scene in Orono, Old Town, and Bangor. Kim, Seth, and I have attended countless live shows in our lifetime and we like to think it gives us the ability to review local bands, do write ups after shows, and give folks the general whats up in the local music scene. Some of our favorite bands include Phish, Assembly of Dust, The Doors, Talking Heads, Yonder Mountain String Band, Morphine.... it could really go on forever, but we like to think we have pretty diverse tastes. So friends.... join us on this musical journey of friends, good feelings and even better music... please fan our page and spread the word around... we welcome submissions, comments, feedback, and ESPECIALLY clues into local shows and new bands, but we reserve the right to edit everything.

We hope to see you out there...
-The Way Live Should Be
written to the Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense


See above :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Reid Genauer @ The Stone Church 2/28/10 Early

After becoming an Assembly of Dust fanboy in 2009 I was really pumped for these two intimate acoustic shows in the best venue in New Hampshire. The early show crowd was mostly pushing middle age and I think Reid's four year old and I where some of the youngest. I got to the venue before even Reid and set up at the stage lip right over the monitors XY and ran long cables to the bar side of the venue for my bag. I enjoyed the opener that my friend taped and sipped on a Peak Organic Ale waiting for the good part.

Reid took the stage with a good story about Bus Driver and went on to launch into a Bus Driver opener. No one wanted to dance up front and although this made for a nice tape it was kind of lame. The first part of the show was pretty solid that even included Reid singing Maple Mary , telling all sorts of cool story's and a rocking Sometimes. The secound half was much stronger and I got my Feline Disguise and Reid even explained how his wife did not like the song. I seemed to be the only one singing along in the back and enjoying it but.... what are you going to do? Overall this was a very chill show to a very sober audience and the night would only get better. The tape came out pretty amazing despite a little monitor buzz on one channel, XY and stage lip can be win like that!

I answer all of your questions with a confidence, I feel is best.....

Bus Driver, Borrowed Feet, Avenue of the Giants, Maple Mary? (played for Reid's son who was there), Sometimes, Second Song, Long Dead ,Feline Disguise, Edges, Goin' Down, Cool Water, Sideways Train, Tavern Walker
Encore: Will the Circle be Unbroken?

stream / download link