Monday, March 8, 2010

Restless Groove The Sea Dog Bangor 2/19/10

Torn Down, Nebraska, Rendezvous , Day Tripper, Pride & Joy, Jam > Movin' Out, Slap Your Sole, Boll Weevil, Life During Wartime, Birds of a Feather, Aeroplane, Mr.Brownstone, Flight? (the newer original) > The General, Give Me One Reason, Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Coo, What Time is it?, Mario Jam, Okayalright, Panama, Funk City Mayhem

A fun and interesting location for Umaine's best college band to play in the heart of Bangor Maine. The venue conjurers images of a pseudo micro brew now brewed by Shipyard and shipped across the nation. Only in Maine is it okay for men to drink fruit beer and there was plenty of blueberry wheat ale to go around. Downtown Bangor is a decent yet want to be place with plenty of (pretentious) middle age liberals and people coming out of the woods to do something. In the end the crowd was a mix of college kids, parents, locals and cougars. A real question concerning the demographic is do Bangor cougars have enough wealth to be legit? In the end I have to say I don't really want to find out but I like them better than the Woodman cougars...

The show got off to a great start with Tore Down and the sound slowly got dialed in tight by the sound man ;) . The band was playing rather fast early in the set and ripped out some great covers of Day Tripper and Birds of a Feather and this made the Phish and Beatles fans happy. The band pretty much said fuck it to the stage list around the time of Aeroplane and they seemed tighter. The secound half of the show was strong with some cover requests
featuring a hilarious attempt at Van Halen's Panama. A long a tight Funk City Mayhem ended the two hour show with the bar wanting things wrapped up at around 12:30, welcome to Maine.....

For the tape I decided that I could not really run in the crowd and the stage was not really a stage so I tried something radical. I did not want to do a post production stereo mix or do anything fancy on the fly so I did 1 channel with a mic DFC and 1 channel mono board. I'm told this comes from New Jersey but I'm not sure....

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