Monday, March 1, 2010

Reid Genauer @ The Stone Church 2/28/10 Early

After becoming an Assembly of Dust fanboy in 2009 I was really pumped for these two intimate acoustic shows in the best venue in New Hampshire. The early show crowd was mostly pushing middle age and I think Reid's four year old and I where some of the youngest. I got to the venue before even Reid and set up at the stage lip right over the monitors XY and ran long cables to the bar side of the venue for my bag. I enjoyed the opener that my friend taped and sipped on a Peak Organic Ale waiting for the good part.

Reid took the stage with a good story about Bus Driver and went on to launch into a Bus Driver opener. No one wanted to dance up front and although this made for a nice tape it was kind of lame. The first part of the show was pretty solid that even included Reid singing Maple Mary , telling all sorts of cool story's and a rocking Sometimes. The secound half was much stronger and I got my Feline Disguise and Reid even explained how his wife did not like the song. I seemed to be the only one singing along in the back and enjoying it but.... what are you going to do? Overall this was a very chill show to a very sober audience and the night would only get better. The tape came out pretty amazing despite a little monitor buzz on one channel, XY and stage lip can be win like that!

I answer all of your questions with a confidence, I feel is best.....

Bus Driver, Borrowed Feet, Avenue of the Giants, Maple Mary? (played for Reid's son who was there), Sometimes, Second Song, Long Dead ,Feline Disguise, Edges, Goin' Down, Cool Water, Sideways Train, Tavern Walker
Encore: Will the Circle be Unbroken?

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