Monday, March 22, 2010

Frank & the Red Hots Saint Pattys Day '10 The Dime

A small local band and in familiar setting at everyone's favorite local bar, but the catch was an "Irish" drinking holiday. Folks where good and drunk even at 7:30 and members of Restless Groove warmed everyone up with some fun jamming. "Frank" and Company took the stage later to rowdy crowd playing mostly covers but ones the drunks seemed to enjoy. The band seemed tight and confident and the crowd did not mind the sound issues the downstairs presents. Cheap "green" beer was the beverage of the night and the whole place was well out of control by 11 PM. Overall not my favorite setting but some of the college age regulars always make it worth my time. I'd like to see this band upstairs someday on a normal night to be a better judge of them.

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