Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Roots come to UMaine

The Roots came to Umaine last Saturday. I think this made many Umaine students feel special…(even more special when Black Thought came out wearing a Umaine sweatshirt…OMG.) As for the scene and the venue, we were in a field house. Due to this being a large, rectangular building, the acoustics were not the best. And the scene was sweaty and belligerent…as well as intoxicated.

The group consists of seven members: MC, drums, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and a sousaphone. On guitar was Captain Kirk Douglas, and he wailed out many tasty licks. There was also an excellent drum/percussion solo, as well as a jazzy/funky and quite impressive bass solo. The Roots are a hip-hop group, but sure as hell know how to get funky and jam.

The energy of this band was phenomenal. Have you ever tried to jump up and down and dance while playing a sousaphone? It’s difficult. The band has a damn good time up on stage and are playful and interactive with the audience. This is something a good crowd will always appreciate. The Roots also made a point to jam on some songs by bands that are the roots of what we listen to today; Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang (I believe everyone was getting’ down on this one), Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses (great for the Maine crowd), as well as Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song (Jack Black is the only other person I’ve heard capable of hitting those high notes like Robert Plant…Props to The Roots!)
I would have to say this band is a must see for hip-hop and funk fans…just make sure it’s at a much cooler venue…or just get really drunk.

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