Sunday, March 28, 2010

Open Mic Nights

I did a little research this week on open mic nights. Paddy Murphy’s in Bangor has an open mic night on Tuesday nights, starting at 9pm. The Dime in Old Town has an open mic on Wednesday evenings, starting as early as 7PM. Woodman’s in Orono also has an open mic on Wednesdays, starting a bit later around 930. If you aren’t digging the bar scene, there is also an open mic at a place called the Dadgad coffee house in Orono. It's located in the Keith Anderson Community House on 19 Bennoch Road. I believe it’s the 4th Saturday of every month, open jam at 6, open mic at 7:30. Three bucks covers coffee, jamming, and some eats. Here’s the website for the Dadgad coffee house:

We are going to try to make it out to a few open mic nights to hopefully give you an idea of what they’re like. I went to an open mic at The Dime once so far, and there were a fair amount of people there. In general, it was a welcoming open-minded environment, with covers and originals and spontaneous jams. If you know of any other open mic nights in the area, please let us know!

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