Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reid Genauer @ The Stone Church 2/28/10 Late

After leaving the venue for ten minutes to listen to part of the first recording in the car we where let back in and the venue kindly let us leave our rigs in place. I got to enjoy a Veggie BLT and Guinness on tap as we got ready for round two. Early in the set it quickly become apparent that "Del Fontaine" and the crowd had a good buzz going and this would fuel the evening. I gave up on the dream of Adam and company coming by Telling Sue and just let the evening take me. I am still convinced they where coming but the roads and power in New Hampshire where sort of a joke.

Just like the first show this really kicked into high gear for the secound half with Love Junkie and Rachel . Stone Choir had a hell of a sing a long and the crowd was yelling out song names left and right. Like the first show this set had lots of great story's from Reid but this time they where a bit more raw and uncensored. The Poland set closer with the "DIGGIES" was amazing and had everyone dancing. When Reid tried to leave the stage after the first encore he kindly gave me his stage list and returned for a 40 Reasons that many of us vetoed all night. Overall this was an amazing show and further proved to me how amazing Reid is. I've said some bad things about cougars recently but I have to say the middle age women at Reid are always great and never really cause any issues. Overall this was an amazing day at the church and I pulled some amazing tapes stage lip.

Ms. Ohio, Fountain, Cold Coffee, Revelry, Long May You Run, Telling Sue, Angry at the Sun, All That I Am Now, Love Junkie, Rachel, Stone Choir, Leadbelly, 45 Degrees, Stouthearted Man, Light Blue Lover, Etta James, Mudspring Draw, Poland
E1: Harrower
E2: 40 Reasons

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