Monday, March 15, 2010

That 1 Guy w/ Restless Groove 3/14/10

Last nights shows were a little bit of pure musical excellence mixed with awesome people and good times. Restless Groove started off the night with an all original set with songs like Trippedonphonix, Mr. Mayor and Slap Your Sole. Last night started early, but they brought the musical energy up as they always will. Everytime I hear Restless I am impressed by their talent and cohesion and I always end up dancing. Some friends who had only seen Restless once before were extremely impressed by their instrumental talent and were also struck by the way they play as a band… there is definitely an undercurrent of solidarity and pure flow in their music. I, for one, am beyond pumped for the new cd, coming soon with the release party in April. It was also clear that Restless Groove, like the rest of us, was very excited for That 1 Guy when they got off the stage.

That 1 Guy is, clearly, like nothing else out there. If you didn’t make it to the show last night, well you must have been on the moon, because there is nothing else quite as other worldly that could have compared. The beats… well the beats will rock your soul right out of your body and I was really impressed he played so hard for the Old Town scene… it just felt so GD good! Songs played included Buttmachine, Weasel Pot Pie, Bananas, Packs a Wallop, Laser Beans, Step Into Striped Light, and I believe Solea and Dig as well. I have never, in my life, experience such an intimate experience with such an individual performer. Because That 1 Guy isn’t just a concert or musical performance; he is banter, energy, incredible music, innovation, and even a master of small magic. The green lasers that come from his giant bows, the incredible card tricks, the electric cowboy boot and saw and even the typical AAWHOOOOO howl are all essential and timeless aspects of the That 1 Guy experience. That shit was BANANAS! That 1 Guy’s music is so malleable and all encompassing… I simply can not express the profundity of the experience. The most impressive thing of all may be how incredibly kind and willing he was to speak with his audience after the show. He signed cards, drumsticks, albums, and even took pictures and shook anyone’s hand who was willing. I think I can honestly say he enjoyed the experience playing in a small town Maine bar because we are all so good at making people feel welcome. Thanks to Restless Groove, That 1 Guy, and especially to the Dime for such an excellent evening. With people from Maine, New Hampshire, and even Missouri gracing the audience I can say last night is one I will never forget. If you missed That 1 Guy last night… don’t make the mistake again… playing at a town near you sometime in the future. That 1 for the new and awesome album.

Written to 5 Second Minute: That 1 Guy, Buckethead, and Boosty Collins

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  1. I'm looking forward to his Eugene show (May 15th). I've seen him 6 or more times now (several reviews on my site as well). The new album's pretty darn good.