Thursday, May 20, 2010

Semester Summary and Summer Disclosure

This past semester was an influential one in the lives of the humble folks here at the WLSB. Many of the people we interviewed, hung out with and talked with all mentioned that this past semester was one of heightened creativity, connectivity and musical activity. We just want to say, we fucking loved it. Personally, I know that this past semester was my most productive ever and was definitely the most rewarding one of my college career. Again, thank you all for paying attention and being a part of the burgeoning live scene in this area.

So far, the hopes are to continue with The Way Live Should Be in the UMO area next semester. We’ll see where we’re all at. As for this summer, we’re goin’ on tour. Not really…but we’re kind of going to be all over the place and if we feel like doing reviews for shows then we’re going to and hopefully maybe some of you will read it? We’ll be in Maine, NH, CT, VT, Nevada, Missouri, Oregon, and maybe a couple other states in there….Phish shows will be attended…and multiple well as many super hip indie shows, and local bands everywhere! Nateva festival will be kind of our midsummer reunion (SO BE THERE!), but I’m not sure if we will be capable of reporting on such an epic, musically loaded event, as it’s intensity will leave us dumbfounded. However, please keep paying attention and we will do our best to let you know whats going on all over the U.S. Let us know where we should be this summer!

So…to all those that played music for us this past semester, it’s been pretty great. We’ve gotten to see many of the bands in the area progress like crazy, and it was pretty exciting. To the bands that are sticking together: let us know what you’re doing and where you’ll be playing! Also, look down at the later blog posts, we put up a bunch of info for some pretty sweet venues in NH, phone numbers, websites, etc. Get out there!

To those bands parting ways…we hope you all take something with you from the musical experiences you’ve had up here in the Orono/Old Town area. Keep spreading your musical juices wherever the hell you may end up. Let us know what’s up with yourselves and seriously continue getting out there and play your music.
Next semester… it is likely the three of us at the WSLB will all be back. We hope to continue to be a part of the local scene and to continue to try and connect people in order to keep supporting local live music. It’s been a mind blowing semester and experience for us getting to talk so much about something we are all intensely passionate about… thanks for listening. Go see live music… and let us know how it is!

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