Friday, April 9, 2010

Restless Groove's New Album: Initial Impressions!

Recently, the members of The Way Live Should Be were allowed to get a sneak preview of Restless Groove’s new album in its first round of done. While there was some decent feedback offered, the results of all their hard work and valuable time blew expectations clean out of the water. Don’t get me wrong, Restless will always be fantastic live, but one thing I learned the other night was how much the band still has to offer their fans; I get the feeling there is more and more and more to Restless Groove than meets the eye. Fans of RG really have no idea of what is coming their way.

It is evident that the band has put a lot of time into this album and the "tightness" of their playing was evident. Genres touched on include a Michael Jackson influenced sound to 70’s prog rock with some definite references to early Red Hot Chili Peppers. The real highlight of the early mix is use of guitar effects, more then I have seen them use live. Also, the strength and undercurrent of the bass and drums lent serious cohesion to the album. Although the sound overall is structured and well organized many of the songs had an “extended jam” quality. I feel that I, and at least a few other Restless fans, have longed for this in their live scene and I love that we will get it on their new album. And though I use the term “structure” have no fear; even their slightly less jammed out tunes are filled with "face melting" solos that keep it fresh and interesting. The albums features many songs that have already debuted live but includes a new song March of the Kodiaks. I feel this LP has a little bit for everyone and the end result should be even more exciting.

It really struck me that there is a side to Restless Groove on this album that I had never experienced before; I think there is some serious channeling of their past experiences together. I can only tell you that it was an excellent feeling getting a sneak preview of this undercurrent of past, meaning, and sheer chemistry. My most, favoritest part though… was finally really seeing the band getting high off their own sound. The best bands I have ever seen were completely overcome by their own music and just as subject to its compelling nature as you, the listener, are. This confidence and ability to be taken away by their own creation is the most direct way to tap into a crowd’s collective mindset and energy. If they can bring that confidence, that overwhelming quality of their music to the stage then there is no stopping Restless Groove and this new CD.

collaborative review by Seth Baker and Heather Omand

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