Thursday, April 1, 2010

Woodmans Open Mic Night 3/31/10

The first outing for the "Way Live Should Be Crew" at Woodman's Orono featured Camel Lights, PBRs, shots, police and near panic attacks. The excuse of course was Heathers "A" on her Capstone and this put us into rare form. The crowd was warm, receptive and ready to dance to some local music. In the worlds of one famous local concert goer at the end of the night "Wednesday is the new Thursday".

The PA was low to start with Michael Powers singing Wilco's Someone Else's Song and Dylan's You Ain't Going Nowhere and this served as a chill highlight of night. Other people came and went from the "stage" including some lady doing a Jewel tune. The vibe and PA level allowed for socialization as well as musical enjoyment simultaneously at this point. Electric instruments slowly got added to the mix with members of Funk Thrust, Hangtime and The Hampden Mountain Boys playing together. Sadly no members of Restless Groove where present but we all got over it. The early threat of Hottie and Blowfish music never came to the fore front much to my personal disappointment but I'm told it will happen soon enough. The gentlemen who sang with Hangtime last weekend did some solo acoustic tunes and sang with the collective band much to the drunken crowds delight. The evening in the bar peaked with a New Hampshire native bringing the Hip Hop vibe ironically at an establishment called Woodmans. In conclusion Woodman's opening mic night is well run and a great midweek excuse to party in public to a great mix of music.

Well I can't tell you anything
You don't already know
I keep on trying
I should just let it go

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